See below for the current sessions available at M Pilates.

Classes will have a strict limited maximum capacity to adhere to new social distancing laws.



Private and Semi-Private Sessions:

Equipment sessions - offered as private or semi-private sessions - are the greatest opportunity for the instructor to guide you through Pilates exercise programming, using hands on techniques to help you to achieve your physical goals. In these sessions you will undertake your own program designed to work on your specific goals under the supervision of an instructor. The Pilates Studio sessions use all the Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Ped-O-Pull to provide resistance and support your body. Other apparatus such as the mat, Magic Circle, balls, weights, therabands, foam roller etc, are used to achieve the best outcome for the client. See fees and conditions for these sessions.

Intermediate Mat Class:

Intermediate Mat classes will be offered to clients who have been attending Pilates for at least a year with no or manageable injuries/pre-existing conditions. In this class, exercises will be at an intermediate level – with very little modifications, performed without stopping and where students are to be aware of the basics of the exercises without additional cueing. Numbers are limited. Please contact Maria to discuss your suitability for this class. See fees and conditions for these sessions.

Progressive Mat Class:

Progressive Mat classes will be offered to clients who have been attending Pilates mat classes, understand the basics and are now applying them to new movements and expanding their knowledge and ability. You may have a pre-existing condition or injury that inhibits you from higher level movements but there are hundreds of movements and variations you can do. See fees and conditions for these sessions.

Buff Bones® Mat Class:

Buff Bones® Mat class is a medically-endorsed, fully body exercise system for bone and joint health. The Buff Bones® system is based on a research-supported design and combines Pilates, strength training, functional movement and therapeutic exercise. It also uses techniques to align the joints, enhance posture and balance and prepare the body for optimal loading of the bones, which is how they strengthen. The Buff Bones® system is recommended for anyone who has osteoporosis or wants to prevent it. See fees and conditions for these sessions.


Reformer Class:

Reformer Classes are undertaken in a group of up to 4 people, using the Pilates Reformer equipment. The class is a prescribed set of exercises designed to give you a full body workout using the Reformer. These classes are generally suitable for everyone, however if you have specific injuries you may be better off starting with a Private or Semi-Private Session. See fees and conditions for these sessions.

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Standing and Sitting Class

Mat and Stretch Class

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